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Event photography is a vital success factor is creating a valuable event experience!

Corporate Photography Services in Dubai, U.A.E

Corporate photography that captures the spirit of your event

We have been privileged to provide our Corporate photography services to some great brands. Our years of experience as Corporate Photographer gives us a unique point of view.  We are distinguished not only by the quality of our corporate photography but also by our level of professionalism on-site. Your attendees will have fun, feel comfortable and really enjoy being photographed.  Your event photographs become high-quality marketing assets for your brand, the company, and the sponsors.

Event photography is a vital success factor is creating a valuable event experience it memorializes the event for both attendees and other stakeholders. it extends the event into social media and other digital channels; it becomes a valuable marketing asset. it adds an element of fun to even the most serious gatherings and underscores the joy of the happiest celebrations.

We specialize in providing personalized corporate photographic services for today's discerning client.  Our services include Corporate Events, Product Release Events, Grand Openings, Televised Award Shows, Corporate Portraits, Marketing Stills and Behind the Scene Still Photography.  Located in Dubai, we are available for events and sessions throughout the U.A.E.

Our simple yet sophisticated service means we only commission experienced event photographers and videographers and use the most advanced cloud-based technology to make your photos and videos available quickly and efficiently.

More than a vendor, we are your team member!

Sohail  Event Photography translates all this experience as your team member with feet on the ground to accomplish your objectives. Sohail Event Photography is raising the bar on event photography by capturing the human experience through World-Class photojournalism. With World Class images of your event, you can sustain your presence with customers through great moments around your brand.

Emphatically No! Photography is a skill-set, not a commodity. The vast difference between photographers is technical know-how, perspective with experience, and having the right equipment on-hand. These three fundamentals allow your photographer to successfully execute great images in every situation.

Sohail Event Photography staff use multiple cameras, multiple lenses, and multiple lighting techniques on every job. The result is a HUGE difference that makes our work an order of magnitude greater than the competition. It is effectively like having three photographers onsite instead of one.

Unfortunately, the event photography field is dominated by mediocre players. What we see on a daily basis is 99% of event photographers using one camera, one lens, and a flash mounted on top of the camera. Remember, this is one setup, with one look, and a mediocre one at best. The resulting images tend to look no different than what amateurs create with little point-and-shoot pocket cameras. The best event photographers will use multiple cameras, multiple lenses, and different lighting techniques to capture a wide range of images.

We believe in upholding our name by producing the best possible Photography for your budget and treat your guests in the same way you would. Our approach is to capture the true ambiance of your event with a Personal and professional service. Our carefully selected images and thoughtfully prepared photographs make us the number 1 choice in choosing your Event, Corporate Photographer.

We aim to pursue exiting and fresh angles and techniques that would complement your Event Day. With our social and engaging personalities, we aim to turn the usual photography nuisance into an integral part of the experience of the event. We ensure that all the details of the day are understood during the briefing session and we provide a neat and professional attire. It is important to us that your guests have a positive experience. 

Every Photography quote is done with attention to the finer details and is tailored for your specific needs! To make the quote possible we require details like your company name, event date, venue, event starting and finishing times, the name of the event and a basic briefing of what you would like to have documented. By choosing us to be your Photography and Video service Providers, you can rest assured that your day is in more than capable hands.

The Right Images to Promote Your Brand.

We provide Photography and Videography services for all types of events including:

•             Conferences

•             Corporate portraits, headshots, and profiles

•             Roadshows

•             Exhibitions

•             Activations

•             Launches

•             In-store promotions

•             Gala dinners

•             Award ceremonies and presentations

•             Meetings

•             Team-building events

•             Parties and special occasions

•             Festivals

•             Fundraisers

Corporate Portraiture or Corporate Headshots.

Successful businesses in today's market rely on making a strong personal connection with their customers and clients.  Being able to connect a face to a business is a part of creating that connection.  Because of this, your corporate portrait can impact the opinion and connection a potential customer or client makes with you and your business.  

This is where we can help you.  We will work with you to determine the best way to capture portraits of you and your team in a way that represents your brand.

We are able to shoot your portraits in a multitude of ways.  We can shoot studio portraits at our location or bring a portable studio to you. We can also shoot at your location using your offices or storefront as the backdrop utilizing natural light, studio lighting or a combination of both. This will be one of the things we will discuss in our planning session to determine the best way to present your brand in your portraits.

In this era of social media, executive portraits are a key communication asset. Your team's presence on LinkedIn, Facebook, your corporate website/blog and the myriad of specialized sites is one of the most important ways of visualizing your brand. 

Your old yearbook picture, last family snapshot or selfie does you and the business a real disservice.    We create portraits that are contemporary, personaland beautiful. 

Whether it's the CEO sending out his/her picture for inclusion in an event program or your newest Director of Media Relation’s latest email marketing campaign, these pictures are high priority.  Let us portray your people in the portrait that really captures who they are and the brand they represent.

We do single or multiple portrait sessions in studio or on location. 

Call us and let's discuss your objectives and your vision for your portrait project.


Corporate Photography Services in Dubai, U.A.E

Corporate photography that encapsulates your occasion!

We have been special to give our Corporate photography administrations to some incredible brands. Our long stretches of involvement as Corporate Photographers gives us an exceptional perspective. We are recognized not just by the nature of our corporate photography, yet additionally by our level of polished methodology on location. Your participants will have a ton of fun, feel good and truly appreciate being captured. Your Corporate Event photos turn out to be fantastic promoting resources for your image, the organization and the patrons.

Sohail Event photography is an indispensable achievement factor is making a significant occasion encounter it memorializes the occasion for the two participants and different partners. it broadens the Event into online networking and other advanced channels; it turns into a profitable showcasing resource. it adds a component of amusing to even the most genuine social events and underscores the delight of the most glad festivals.

We work in giving customized corporate photographic services to todays recognizing customer. Our services incorporate Corporate Event, Product Launching, Fantastic Openings, Broadcast Honor Shows, Corporate Photos, Showcasing Stills and Behind the Scene Still Photography. Situated in Dubai, we are accessible for Event and sessions all through the U.A.E .

Our straightforward yet complex administration implies we just commission experienced Corporate Event Photographers and videographers and utilize the most progressive cloud-based innovation to make your photographs and recordings accessible rapidly and proficiently.

In excess of a merchant, we are your colleague!

Sohail Event Photography decipher this experience as your colleague with feet on the ground to achieve your goals. Sohail Event Photography is increasing present expectations on event photography by catching the human experience through World Class photojournalism. With World Class Photographs of your Event, you can maintain your quality with clients through incredible minutes around your image.

Decidedly No! Photography is a range of abilities, not an item. The huge distinction between photographer is specialized know-how, point of view with understanding, and having the correct hardware available. These essentials enable your Photographer to effectively execute awesome pictures in each circumstance.

Sohail Event Photography staff utilize numerous cameras, various focal points, and different lighting systems on each activity. The outcome is an Immense distinction that makes our work a request of greatness more noteworthy than the opposition. It is viably similar to having three Photographer on location rather than one.

Lamentably, the Event photography field is commanded with fair players. What we see every day is 99% of Event Photographers utilizing one camera, one focal point, and a blaze mounted over the camera. Keep in mind, this is one setup, with one look, and an unremarkable one, best case scenario. The subsequent pictures tend to appear to be no unique than what novices make with little simple to use stash cameras. The best event photographer will utilize various cameras, numerous focal points, and diverse lighting strategies to catch an extensive variety of photographs.

We put stock in maintaining our name by delivering the most ideal Photography for your financial plan and treat your visitors similarly you would. Our approach is to catch the genuine feeling of your occasion with an Individual and expert administration. Our deliberately chose photographs and astutely arranged photos settles on us the number 1 decision in picking your event, Corporate Photographer.

We plan to seek after leaving and crisp points and strategies that would supplement your event Day. With our social and drawing in identities we plan to transform the standard photography disturbance into a vital piece of the experience of the event. We guarantee that every one of the subtle elements of the day is comprehended amid the instructions session and we give a perfect and expert clothing. Us that your visitors have a positive affair.

Each Photography quote is finished with thoughtfulness regarding the better points of interest and is custom-made for your particular needs! To influence the statement conceivable we to require subtle elements like your organization name, occasion date, scene, occasion beginning and completing circumstances, the name of the occasion and an essential preparation of what you might want to have recorded. By picking us to be your Photography and Video specialist co-ops, you can rest guarantee that your day is in more than fit hands.

The Correct Pictures to Advance Your Image.

We give Photography and Videography administrations to a wide range of occasions including:

•             Conferences

•             Corporate pictures, head shots and profiles

•             Roadshows

•             Exhibitions

•             Activation

•             Launches

•             In-store advancements

•             Gala suppers

•             Award functions and introductions

•             Meetings

•             Team-building occasions

•             Parties and unique events

•             Festivals

•             Fundraisers


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